Look don't speak has been the natural evolution of curiosity meeting passion, translated through a lens.

  Armed with nothing but a camera and an insatiable appetite for discovery and exploration, this project represents the cumulative collection of that endeavor. Originating from the hills of the South Bay Area and coming to life in Santa Cruz, my hope is to travel lightly and to travel broadly, capturing the small things. Those small, simple, radiant, and abundant truths that have the power to bridge cultures, countries, and generations. 

  In the era of loud mouths and loud personality, I find deep satisfaction in the practice of silent observation. A mindful gazing in opportunistic wait to capture *the* shot. The shot that perfectly defines that fleeting and fragile passing of a moment in time, which may be enjoyed again and again on a multitude of formats. I enjoy letting the environment press upon me, rather than me pressing upon the environment. Such is the backbone photographic philosophy behind Look Don't Speak.

I hope you enjoy.